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Yoga Jal is a rare concoction of super herbs that improve health and re-energise instantly. Its natural composition along with the ancient properties derived from Yoga make it beneficial for anyone, anytime and anywhere.

The 5000+ year old Yoga is followed by many across the globe due to its time-honoured benefit of balancing body and mind. Similar to Yoga, the drink balances the biological energies of body and mind, thereby making the soul happy. This balance is achieved by the constitution of super herbs that regulate the three doshas namely, vata, pitta and kapha.

Our Products

Yoga Jal ™ - Healthy Hibiscus

One of the three doshas, i.e. Pitta usually reaches its peak during the summer. Pitta elevates from the heat internally and the extra sunlight. The heat not only kindles Pitta, the other two doshas, Vata and Kapha too can suffer from the aggravation of summer.

Healthy hibiscus contains Jasumi which is a naturally cooling agent and is an excellent summer drink. Its properties help in relieving you from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, builds immune system.

Wow!!!….so this summer beat the heat with this wonder drink.

Yoga Jal ™ - Tulsi Cooler

The queen of herbs, Tulsi, found in most of the Indian houses, comes with a treasure of health benefits. The extract of this sacred plant is used to cure common cold, respiratory issues, inflammation, heart diseases improves your immune system etc. It also helps in balancing both Vata and Kapha doshas.

Uffff…..what else??? According to Ayurveda, Tulsi is also referred to as an “elixir of life”. So much of benefits….. no wonder it is “Queen of Herbs”. And yes, this extract is one of Tulsi Coolers main ingredient.

Drink this elixir to gear up your mornings to be filled with life

Yoga Jal ™ - Ginger Mint Jalwa

Am sure ginger and mint leaves have at some point been used by our grandmothers to treat our childhood common cold and cough. Ginger and mint helps aid digestion, gets rid of nausea and vomiting. Ginger has additional anti-inflammatory agents and helps you reduce cold and flu-like symptoms. Mint leaves helps reduce irritated bowel syndromes and cleanses the stomach and leaves you with a bright and glowing skin.

In addition to the above benefits, these herbs help in the balance of Vata and Kapa.

Just grab our Ginger Mint Jalwa and feel the drink refresh your body and mind.

Yoga Jal ™ - Woodapple Twister

Wondering if we can rekindle your childhood tastebuds??? On returning home from scorching heat during the summer , you would find this drink made by your mom's or granny, ready to quench your thirst.

One of the most unique tangy taste tickling your tongue has several benefits. Woodapple or Bael fruit helps people suffering from indigestion, peptic ulcer, piles, respiratory problems, diarrhea, and dysentery.

The tree is both sacred and has medicinal value. The fruit is known to be Shiva's favourite and helps to balance pitta dosha.

Why to Choose Us

Yoga Jal™ is the only adaptogenic drink available to the Indian customers in a ready to drink format. The market is flooded with fruit based or carbonated drinks which are loaded with sugar or caffeine. The herbs are sourced from organic farms and the ayurvedic benefits are all beautifully packed in a compact bottle to reach your doorstep.


Acts as a Catalyst to the anti-oxidant process


Provides Instant and sustained energy and hydrates the body.


Balances your Mind, Body, Soul    


Acts as a sports drink also to satiate thirst