Who We Are

Our Story

Yoga Jal™ - Wow, the name sure is catchy…. But what's the story behind it, how did it originate, what is it.

How it began…..

Well, it is a very simple story of an Indian family, the story of which, I'm sure most of you will be going thru and can connect. It all began towards the end of 2015, when one of the founder, Deepak having this burning desire to stand out of the crowd, would sit down after work and think of various business ideas. One day, he observed that his wife and co -founder, Nayana, a yoga instructor, was making these very unique and refreshing juices for guests and for her students post their work out. Some of the recipe for these juices came down from her mom and granny, and the ingredients were fresh from their garden and immensely loved by everyone who drank it. But what struck to them was the potential these juices had in the market. The USP was the base ingredient - they were the herbs grown in a typical Indian garden, Hibiscus, Tulsi, Ginger, Mint etc.

The market did not have a ready to drink beverage with an herb base. After considerable research Deepak thought of commercializing the drink. The duo met and were mentored by a lot of industry experts in the FMCG space - Praveen Dwivedi and scientists from CFTRI to name a few. Looking at their zeal and dedication, Olive Life Sciences, a pioneer in nutraceutical extracts decided to back them as their manufacturing partner.

What is in a name…..

Once, the idea was frozen, the founders were pondering upon the name. As it was a recipe which came down from generations and ingredients from our own Indian garden with ayurvedic properties and the benefits were echoing the epitome of 5 senses, the founders wanted to give a name as unique and as vibrant as the drink. The ancient, ayurvedic and the refreshing after effects were all indicating towards the only name, without a second thought the drink got its name – Yoga Jal™


It all started when the founders Nayana and Deepak came across a billboard of a local beverage brand after their Yoga session, they thought,
“Hey! How about creating a synergy drink from household ingredients that balances body, mind and soul, the way Yoga does?”


After the eureka moment, both of them started to work on the idea. A synergy drink that contains the key to good health, passed down from generations. A perfect mix of ingredients to restore and rejuvenate.


To achieve the desired mix, Nayana and Deepak tried various combinations of hand picked super herbs that were blended together to give a 360 degree benefit to the body, mind and soul. Thus, Yoga Jal was born. A result of sheer passion to create a drink that will enrich the life (ayuh), enhance health (arogya) and embrace happiness (ananda).